Dumped by Text Message

Relationships and Electronics


The world has become a vastly different place with modern electronics, but many of the stories are about people who dumped someone by text message. This is not a singular event, but it is looked upon with disgust by many. For those who believe relationships and electronics are bad for couples, there is good news. Keeping the lines of communication is a key ingredient in any relationship, and using phones, computers and video calls can be a good way to keep it fresh and healthy for many years.

Modern relationships have many things pulling them apart in today’s world, but electronics can be a great way for two people to remain together. Those who travel often for work might find their relationship is enhanced with their ability to send quick messages to their partner when they have a minute or two. A text message can lift their partner out of the sadness of them being gone, and the two can use it as a way to share without interfering with the business at hand.

Video calls have become popular because people are able to see each other when they talk on the phone, and it adds a new dimension to their relationship. The ability to look at the other person is only part of the fun, and they can show each other things without waiting until the other person can be there. It gives them a new outlet to stay in touch, and they get more than just a voice on the other end of the line.

There are times when couples simply need to chat, and modern phones are also capable of handling that conversation. They can keep two people connected from opposite sides of the globe, and they can help stifle the loneliness of a partner being far away. Once they are together, they still have plenty to share because they talked about their plans when they would next be together.