Dumped by Text Message

Offering a Real Connection


Electronics have made vast changes in society over the last few decades, and not all of them have been positive. The ability to meet someone online seems like a boon, but the level of communication can be shallow. Singles looking for a partner to build a future together should be offering a real connection that goes past electronics. Putting down an electronic device to talk to a person in real life can make a huge difference in the outcome of any relationship. Being able to experience a complete conversation without devices can be the best way to truly get to know each other.

The ability to communicate with people across the globe has helped couples meet each other when they come from geographically distant parts of the world. That is one of the bonuses electronics bring to the modern world. Being able to text, talk, and share pictures can be a gateway to a great relationship. Many times these singles will do whatever it takes to finally meet in person, and the reward is often a lifelong relationship.

People physically close to each other are often the ones who devolve into communication through texting these days. Their lives are busy, yet their desire for a real relationship with another person does not appear to be a priority. These are the people who need to put down their electronic devices and talk to others. They are shutting out the real world while depending upon electronics to make their lives better.

Finding a good partner for a long term relationship is about being able to communicate with each other. Electronics are good with helping, but they should be limited to facilitating the relationship rather than controlling it. Those who are seriously seeking a partner should consider the advantages of spending time together without the interference and lack of emotional involvement their devices may be presenting to their potential partner.