Dumped by Text Message

Relationship Status on Social Media


It is generally a happy time for two people when they begin dating, and many of them share their relationship status on social media. This works out well as long as the couple’s relationship remains viable, but many have found it is a different matter altogether when they break up. Rather than discussing the subject, one of them may change their relationship status without consulting the other. That person is then left to find out, usually told by friends, that they are no longer a couple.

There are many people who look at their social media pages every few minutes, and they are the ones who generally set their phone to ping every time there are any changes. If a friend sees something like a relationship status change, they are very likely to be the first to call and ask what is happening. This is a time when a phone call from a friend is unwelcome and embarrassing.

There are daters who feel betrayed by this type of behavior, and social media platforms give them a unique arena for getting back at a person who treats them with disrespect. Rather than calling or writing letters to friends and family, they can now post directly to their pages. It is an action that is as childish as what was done to them, and it should be avoided at all times.

The search to find a compatible person for a long term relationship has always been an emotional mine field, but social media has made some changes to the landscape. For those who have a good relationship, it has become a way to advertise their success to friends. Others have found it can cause them embarrassment, shame and deep emotional pain. It might be that, in the future, it would be best if both parties choose to leave their relationship status blank for a very long time.